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List Description
Amphibtalk Amphibian Discussion OPEN
Andeanbearssp For Andean Bear Holding Institutions OPEN
Animaldiets Animal Diets OPEN
Apetalk Ape TAG Members/Associates OPEN
Aquariumdirectors [no description available]
BBAG Biomaterials Banking Advisory Group OPEN
Bearbriefs Bear TAG OPEN
Behavioralhusbandry-managers Behavioral Husbandry Managers OPEN
Bfci Butterfly Conservation Initiative General Interest OPEN
Bflyed Butterfly Education Discussion OPEN
Bonobo Bonobo SSP CLOSED
Capridtag Caprid TAG
Cattleir Bison, Buffalo and Cattle TAG IRs OPEN
Chelonian Chelonian Advisory Group OPEN
Chimpchat Chimpanzee Discussion Group OPEN
Cifox Welcome to the Channel Island Fox Listserv! (OPEN)
Consci Leaders of AZA C & S Programs OPEN
Croctalk Crocodilian Discussions OPEN
Curators Zoo Curators OPEN
CycluraSSP Rock Iguana SSP OPEN
Czig Children's Zoo Interest Group OPEN
Development Development Professionals OPEN
Dist-l Distance Learning Interest Group OPEN
Diversity Diversity Discussion OPEN
Education AZA Educators OPEN
EnclosureDTP Enclosure Design Theory & Practice
Enhydra Sea Otter Interest Group OPEN
Enrich Enrichment OPEN
Equids Equid TAG OPEN
Fan Florida Aquarists Network - OPEN
Finance Zoo Finance OPEN
Flamboyantcuttleprogram [no description available]
FRAWG Florida Reptile and Amphibian Working Group OPEN
GAG Exhibits & Interpretive Graphics Advisory Group OPEN
Gallotag Galliformes TAG OPEN
Gencur General Curators
Giftshops Gift Shop Managers and Buyers OPEN
Giraffes Giraffes OPEN
Hornbill Coraciiformes TAG OPEN
Imbd Int'l Migratory Bird Day Events Planning OPEN
Jamboassp Jamaican Boa SSP
Jellyfish Jellyfish OPEN
Komodogroup Komodo Group Discussion OPEN
Kori Kori Bustard SSP OPEN
Lag Lizard Advisory Group OPEN
Lories Lories and lorikeets OPEN
M-king Guam Kingfisher SSP OPEN
Mixedspecies Information on mixed species exhibits OPEN
Mwssp Maned Wolf SSP OPEN
Nwmonkey New World Monkey TAG OPEN
Palmoil Conservation: Palm Oil Awareness - OPEN
Parrot-tag-ir Parrot TAG Information Distribution List
Paxtalk Pangolin, Aardvark and Xenarthran Discussion Group OPEN
Pelecaniformes Pelecaniformes OPEN
Penguin Penguin TAG OPEN
Pestcontrol Pest Control in Zoos OPEN
Pplover Piping Plover Specialist Group OPEN
PrimateCognition Computerized Cognition Research
Q4C Quarters for Conservation
Raptor Raptor TAG OPEN
Ratite Ratite OPEN
Redapekeepers Orangutan Keepers OPEN
ResearchNetwork Research and Technology Discussion Forum OPEN
Riverotters Feeding, Care, Enrichment and Breeding of River Otters
Rodentir Rodent, Lagomorph, Insectivore TAG Institutional Representatives OPEN
Sctag Small Carnivore Tag OPEN
Seacap Southeast Asian Conservation Action Partnership OPEN
Seadragons SeaDragon Only
Seaturtle Sea Turtle Husbandry and Conservation OPEN
Serpent Snake TAG OPEN
Shorebirds Charadriiformes TAG OPEN
sinensis Chinese Alligator SSP
Snaketagirs for Snake TAG IRs - OPEN for IRs ONLY
Snowleopardssp Snow leopard SSP managers & keepers OPEN
Socialmedia Social media use discussion list (ie: Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, etc)
Stripedpossums Striped possums OPEN
Tanager Tanager List OPEN
Titagnews OPEN. Titag News
Training Operant Conditioning OPEN
Treeroo Tree Kangaroo SSP Discussion Group OPEN
VisitorExperience visitor experience education programming OPEN
Waterfowl Waterfowl OPEN
Wwdssp White-Winged Wood Duck SSP OPEN
ZooEvents Information on zoo events OPEN
ZooMastPlan Zoo Master Planning OPEN

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