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List Description
A_test_pr PR test list - AZA staff only
Aaa_test_list For testing. AZA staff only
Accreditcom Accreditation Commission CLOSED
Adisc Animal Data Information Systems Committee CLOSED
Admins Administrative / Support Staff CLOSED
AfricanpenguinSSP African Penguin SSP IRs CLOSED
Afwilddogad African Wild Dog SSP Advisors CLOSED
AIG Avian Interest Group
Aitagirs Aquatic Invertebrate TAG IRs CLOSED
Aitagsc Aquatic Invertebrate TAG Steering Committee CLOSED
Amphibiantag Amphibian TAG IRs CLOSED
Amphibsteering Amphibian TAG Steering Committee CLOSED
Amphibtalk Amphibian Discussion OPEN
Amur-leopard Amur Leopard SSP IRs
Andeanbearir Andean Bear IRs CLOSED
Andeanbearssp For Andean Bear Holding Institutions OPEN
Andeancondorsspirs Andean Condor SSP IRs CLOSED
Andeancondorsspmg Andean Condor SSP Management Group CLOSED
Animaldiets Animal Diets OPEN
Antelopeirs Antelope TAG IRs CLOSED
Apetagir Ape TAG IRs CLOSED
Apetagsc Ape TAG SC Voting Members CLOSED
Apetalk Ape TAG Members/Associates OPEN
Appalachiansalamanders Appalachian Salamander - No Longer Active
AQIG No Longer Active
Aquacomm Aquarium Affairs Committee CLOSED
Aquariumdirectors [no description available]
Asagir Avian SAG IRs CLOSED
Asagpriv ASAG SC
Asagsc Avian SAG Steering Committee CLOSED
AssocWAZA WAZA Member Associations
Aswg Avian Sustainability Working Group CLOSED
Atstest Atstest - No Longer Active
Awcirs Animal Welfare Committee IRs CLOSED
Awcomm Animal Welfare Committee Members/Advisors CLOSED
Awilddogirs African Wild Dog SSP IRs CLOSED
Awilddogmg African Wild Dog SSP Mgt Group CLOSED
Aza-ahc AZA Animal Health Committee CLOSED
Aza-rc Research Coordinators OPEN
Aza-safe [no description available]
Azagacmte AZA Government Affairs Committee CLOSED
Azanews AZA Electronic Newsletter
AZAUngulates The AZA Ungulate TAGs listserv
Baboonssp Baboon SSP IRs CLOSED
Bachelor Bachelor Gorillas CLOSED
Bagirs Behavior Advisory Group CLOSED
Bagsc Behavior Advisory Group Steering Committee CLOSED
Balimyna Bali Mynah SSP CLOSED
Battag-advisor Chiropteran TAG CLOSED
Battag-ir Chiropteran TAG IRs CLOSED
Battagsc Bat TAG Symposium CLOSED
BBAG Biomaterials Banking Advisory Group OPEN
Bdmitigation Combatting chytridiomycosis in amphibians
Beachmice Perdido Key Beach Mice/Partners CLOSED
Bearbriefs Bear TAG OPEN
Beartagir Bear TAG IRs CLOSED
Behavioralhusbandry-managers Behavioral Husbandry Managers OPEN
Beluga Beluga Whale Management Group CLOSED
Bfci Butterfly Conservation Initiative General Interest OPEN
Bfcimembers BFCI members CLOSED
Bfcisteer BFCI Steering Committee CLOSED
Bflyed Butterfly Education Discussion OPEN
BIGTex Bird Interest Group of Texas CLOSED
Birdtags Avian Tag Chairs List CLOSED
Blackfootedcatssp Black-footed Cat SSP IRs and Advisors CLOSED
Board AZA Board CLOSED
Bonobo Bonobo SSP CLOSED
Bop-sic Bird of Paradise Species Interest Committee
Bucerosssp Buceros SSP CLOSED
Bushdog Bush Dog Studbook CLOSED
Busops Business Operations CLOSED
Busopscmt AZA Business Operations Committee CLOSED
Bylaws Charter and Bylaws Committee - No Longer Active
Cag Contraception Advisory Group CLOSED
Canid Canid and Hyaenid TAG CLOSED
Canidir Canid and Hyaenid TAG IRs CLOSED
Cap-paraguay CAP Paraguay: Board of Directors - No Longer Active
Cappy-ir CAP Paraguay IRs - No Longer Active
Capridtag Caprid TAG
Capridtagir Caprid TAG IRs
Cattle-tag-steering Cattle TAG Steering Committee
Cattleir Bison, Buffalo and Cattle TAG IRs OPEN
Ccondorssp California Condor SSP CLOSED
Ccondorvets California condor veterinary group CLOSED
Ccrt California Condor SSP Management Group CLOSED
Cec Conservation Education Committee CLOSED
Cef CEF Scientific Advisory Committee CLOSED
Cervidtagir Cervid TAG IRs CLOSED
Cervidtagsc Cervid TAG Steering Committee CLOSED
Cetacean-tf [no description available]
Charadsc Charadriiformes TAG Steering Committee CLOSED
Cheetah Cheetah SSP CLOSED
Cheetahbiomats Cheetah biomaterials action plan CLOSED
Cheetahconservationcenters No Longer Active
Cheetahkeepers No Longer Active
Cheetahsspirs Cheetah SSP IRS CLOSED
Chelonian Chelonian Advisory Group OPEN
Chelonianir Chelonian TAG IRs CLOSED
Chelonianleaders Chelonian TAG Steering Committee CLOSED
Chimp Chimpanzee SSP IRs and Advisors CLOSED
Chimpchat Chimpanzee Discussion Group OPEN
Chimpgroup Chimpanzee SSP Management Group CLOSED
Cicag Ciconiiformes/Phoenicopteriformes TAG - No Longer Active
Cicagir Ciconiiformes/Phoenicopteriformes TAG IR Working Group CLOSED
Cicagpmps Ciconiiformes/Phoenicopteriformes TAG Studbook Keepers CLOSED
Ciconsteer Ciconiiformes/Phoenicopteriformes TAG Steering Committee CLOSED
Cifox Welcome to the Channel Island Fox Listserv! (OPEN)
Cig Cryptobranchid Interest Group CLOSED
Cinereousir Cinereous Vulture SSP IRs CLOSED
Clearinghouse Govt Confiscated Wildlife Clearinghouse CLOSED
Climateinitiative [no description available]
Colobus Colobus SSP CLOSED
Colobusir Colobus SSP IRs CLOSED
Commchairs AZA Committee Chairs CLOSED
Congopeafowl Congo Peafowl Management Group CLOSED
Consci Leaders of AZA C & S Programs OPEN
Coralreefcap Coral Reef CAP CLOSED
Corsteer Coraciiformes Steering Committee CLOSED
Cranesspmg Crane SSP Management Group CLOSED
Crocs Crocodilian TAG CLOSED
Crocsters Croc TAG Steering Committee CLOSED
Croctalk Crocodilian Discussions OPEN
CTFComms [no description available]
Curators Zoo Curators OPEN
CycluraSSP Rock Iguana SSP OPEN
Czig Children's Zoo Interest Group OPEN
Development Development Professionals OPEN
Directors Institutional Directors CLOSED
Dist-l Distance Learning Interest Group OPEN
Divcommittee AZA Diversity Committee CLOSED
Diversity Diversity Discussion OPEN
Dmm Development and Marketing CLOSED
Drills No Longer Active
Eagles Eagle Conservation CLOSED
Echidna Short-beaked Echidna Captive Breeding Project CLOSED
Edliaison Discussion Group for Education Liaisons CLOSED
Education AZA Educators OPEN
Elephant Elephant SSP CLOSED
Elephantsc Elephant SSP/TAG Steering Committee CLOSED
Elephantscad Elephant Steering Committee and Advisors CLOSED
Elephinitiative Elephant Initiative Working Group
EnclosureDTP Enclosure Design Theory & Practice
Endocrinology No Longer Active
Enhydra Sea Otter Interest Group OPEN
Enhydrateam Sea Otter Management Team CLOSED
Enrich Enrichment OPEN
Equidirs Equid TAG IRs CLOSED
Equids Equid TAG OPEN
ER Emergency Response
Ethics The Ethics Board CLOSED
Eulemurssp Eulemur SSP CLOSED
Exhibitfab No Longer Active
Fairyblue Fairy Bluebird discussion CLOSED
Fan Florida Aquarists Network - OPEN
FAZA Florida Assoc of Zoos and Aquariums-CLOSED
FAZE No Longer Active
FCC Field Conservation Committee CLOSED
Felidtag Felid TAG Group CLOSED
Fennecssp Fennec Fox SSP CLOSED
FFTAG Freshwater Fish TAG CLOSED
Fieldconservation Field Conservation CLOSED
Finance Zoo Finance OPEN
Flag Florida Avian Group CLOSED
Flamboyantcuttleprogram [no description available]
Flamingo Zoological Flamingo Management - No Longer Active.
FRAWG Florida Reptile and Amphibian Working Group OPEN
Fwray Freshwater stingrays CLOSED
GAG Exhibits & Interpretive Graphics Advisory Group OPEN
Gallotag Galliformes TAG OPEN
Gbag Gorilla Behavior Advisory Group CLOSED
Gencur General Curators
Gibbon Gibbon SSP IRs - No Longer Active
Gibbonteam Gibbon SSP Management Group - No Longer Active
Giftshops Gift Shop Managers and Buyers OPEN
Giraffes Giraffes OPEN
GiraffeSSP Giraffe SSP CLOSED
Gorillabiomats Gorilla biomaterials action plan CLOSED
Gorillassp Gorilla SSP Management Group CLOSED
Gorillasspadv Gorilla SSP Advisors CLOSED
Gorillasspir Gorilla SSP IR CLOSED
Gpandahm Giant Panda Husbandry and Management. CLOSED
Green Green practices - No Longer Active
Greensag Green SAG - No Longer Active
Gruitag Gruiformes TAG CLOSED
Gruitagirs Gruiformes TAG IRs CLOSED
Guenonirs Guenon IRs CLOSED
Guenonssp OWM TAG chairs, studbook keepers, advisors, and mgmt CLOSED
Helpmoody [no description available]
Hipposubgroup Hippo sub group CLOSED
Honorsandawards AZA Honors and Awards Committee CLOSED
Hornbill Coraciiformes TAG OPEN
Hsbirthteam HS Birth Management Team CLOSED
Hsbonoboteam HS Bonobo Team CLOSED
Hschimpteam HS Chimp Team CLOSED
Hsgibbonteam HS Gibbon Team CLOSED
Hsgorillateam HS Gorilla Team CLOSED
Hsorangteam HS Orang Team CLOSED
Hssurrogacyteam HS Surrogacy Team CLOSED
Hsteam Hand rearing Surrogacy Team CLOSED
Humanresources Human Resources CLOSED
IDMAG Institutional Data Management Advisory Group CLOSED
Idmaggoc IDMAG Govt Ownership Working Group CLOSED
ILs [no description available]
Imbd Int'l Migratory Bird Day Events Planning OPEN
Insitu In Situ Course CLOSED
Inspectors Active Accreditation and Certification Inspectors CLOSED
It Information Technology CLOSED
Jaguar Jaguar SSP CLOSED
Jamboassp Jamaican Boa SSP
Jellyfish Jellyfish OPEN
Komodogroup Komodo Group Discussion OPEN
Komodosspirs Komodo Dragon SSP IRs CLOSED
Komodosspmg Komodo Dragon SSP Management Group CLOSED
Kori Kori Bustard SSP OPEN
Lag Lizard Advisory Group OPEN
Lagir Lizard Advisory Group Institutional Reps CLOSED
Lagsteer LAG Steer CLOSED
Langurirs langur info exchange
Legcontacts Legislative Contacts at AZA Institutions CLOSED
Lionssp Lion SSP IRs and Advisors CLOSED
Lionsspmg Lion SSP Management Group CLOSED
Lories Lories and lorikeets OPEN
M-king Guam Kingfisher SSP OPEN
Maca Mid-Atlantic Conservation Alliance CLOSED
Mailman The test mailing list for testing. - No Longer Active
Manatee Manatee Discussion Group CLOSED
Marinemammalirs Marine Mammal TAG IRs CLOSED
Marmosetirs Geoffroy's Marmoset SSP IRs CLOSED
Masterlist CLOSED
Mc AZA Marketing Committee CLOSED
Meerkats meerkat
Memcom AZA Membership Committee CLOSED
Mexwolfssp Mexican Grey Wolf SSP CLOSED
Mexwolfsspmg Mexican Wolf SSP Management Group CLOSED
MFG Madagascar Fauna Group CLOSED
Mftag Marine Fish TAG CLOSED
Mftagexec Marine Fish TAG Executive Steering Committee - No Longer Active
Mixedspecies Information on mixed species exhibits OPEN
Mmtag Marsupial and Monotreme TAG CLOSED
Mmtagirs Marsupial and Monotreme TAG Institutional Representatives OPEN
Mviboa Mona / Virgin Island Boa SSP IRs CLOSED
Mwssp Maned Wolf SSP OPEN
Nacrep NAC Institutional Representatives CLOSED
Nagnotes Nutrition Advisory Group CLOSED
NAROIR North American River Otter IR's CLOSED
Neossp Clouded Leopard SSP CLOSED
Neosspirs Clouded Leopard SSP Institutional Reps. CLOSED
Nocprosimianssp No Longer Active
Nwmonkey New World Monkey TAG OPEN
Nwmonkeyir New World Monkey TAG IRs CLOSED
Nwmonkeysc New World Monkey Steering Committee CLOSED
Nwmonkeyworkgroup New World Monkey TAG CLOSED
nwzaa NW Zoo & Aquarium Alliance - member list (not for discussion)
nwzaa-backyard NW Zoo & Aquarium Alliance - Backyard Habitat discussion
nwzaa-carnivores NW Zoo & Aquarium Alliance - Living w/ Carnivores discussion
nwzaa-climateaction NW Zoo & Aquarium Alliance - Climate Action discussion
nwzaa-green NW Zoo & Aquarium Alliance - Green Practices discussion
nwzaa-partners NW Zoo & Aquarium Alliance - partner list (not for discussion)
nwzaa-species NW Zoo & Aquarium Alliance - Species Recovery discussion
Ocelotssp Ocelot SSP OPEN
Ocelotsspmanagement Ocelot SSP Management Group CLOSED
Ohiozoo Members of the Ohio Zoo Association CLOSED
Okapissp Okapi husbandry and management issues CLOSED
Oregonspottedfrogs Rearing and reintroduction efforts on the Oregon Spotted Frog in the Pacific Northwest
Osfrear Oregon Spotted Frog Rearing CLOSED
Otter Otter SSP Management Group CLOSED
Otterir Asian Small-Clawed Otter SSP IRs CLOSED
Owmonkey Old World Monkey TAG CLOSED
PAcourse Program Animals Course CLOSED
Palmoil Conservation: Palm Oil Awareness - OPEN
Pandaplan Members of Panda Plan OPEN
Parrot-tag-ir Parrot TAG Information Distribution List
Passenger No Longer Active
Pastchairs CLOSED
Paxsteer PAX TAG Steering Committee CLOSED
Paxtalk Pangolin, Aardvark and Xenarthran Discussion Group OPEN
Pbicommunicators [no description available]
Pelecaniformes Pelecaniformes OPEN
Pengmanagers For penguin species managers CLOSED
Penguin Penguin TAG OPEN
PenguinIR Penguin IRs CLOSED
Penguinsc Penguin TAG Steering Committee CLOSED
Pestcontrol Pest Control in Zoos OPEN
Pgfsspir No Longer Active
Phippos Pygmy Hippo SSP CLOSED
Pia Professional Interest Association Sub-Committee CLOSED
Piciformes Piciformes TAG CLOSED
Pigspecsandhippos Pigs Peccaries and Hippos CLOSED
Pinnipeds Pinnipeds CLOSED
Polarbearir Polar Bear SSP IRs CLOSED
Pongoairway No Longer Active
Pongoairways CLOSED
Pongomgt Orangutan SSP Management Group CLOSED
Pongoreps Orangutan SSP Institutional Representatives CLOSED
Pplover Piping Plover Specialist Group OPEN
Pr Public Relations
Prcomm Public Relations Committee CLOSED
Prct Puerto Rican Crested Toad SSP CLOSED
PrimateCognition Computerized Cognition Research
Primatetraining Primate training
Privateowner Issues of Private Ownership of Primates CLOSED
Protag Prosimian TAG CLOSED
Ptag Prosimian TAG CLOSED
Pygmymarmoset Pygmy Marmoset IRs CLOSED
Q4C Quarters for Conservation
Ranadorada Panamanian Golden Frog Research Group
Raptor Raptor TAG OPEN
Raptorsc Raptor TAG Steering Committee CLOSED
Raptortagirs Raptor TAG Institutional Representatives CLOSED
Ratite Ratite OPEN
Redapekeepers Orangutan Keepers OPEN
Redpandasspirs Red Panda SSP IRs CLOSED
Redwolf Red Wolf SSP IRs CLOSED
Regents Board of Regents CLOSED
Registrars Zoological Registrars Association Members CLOSED
ReintroIG Reintroduction Interest Group - No Longer Active
ReintroSAG Reintroduction Scientific Advisory Group - No Longer Active
Reptiletrainingandenrichmentfl Florida husbandry training in reptiles CLOSED
ResearchNetwork Research and Technology Discussion Forum OPEN
Rhinotagirs Rhino TAG IRs CLOSED
Riverotters Feeding, Care, Enrichment and Breeding of River Otters
Rodentir Rodent, Lagomorph, Insectivore TAG Institutional Representatives OPEN
Royalgroup [no description available]
Rsag Reproductive Sciences SAG CLOSED
Rtcomm Research and Technology Committee CLOSED
Rtlemur Ring-Tailed Lemur SSP CLOSED
Rtmngt Ring-Tailed Lemur SSP Management Group CLOSED
Ruffedlemurssp Ruffed Lemur SSP
Rwsspeducators Red Wolf Educators
Sag-committee No Longer Active
Sag-steering Endocrinology SAG - Steering Committee
Sagsc Snake TAG Steering Committee CLOSED
Science Scientific Advisory Groups (SAGs) CLOSED
Sctag Small Carnivore Tag OPEN
Sctagsteer Small Carnivore TAG Steering Committee CLOSED
Seacap Southeast Asian Conservation Action Partnership OPEN
Seadragons SeaDragon Only
SeafoodWatch No Longer Active
Seaturtle Sea Turtle Husbandry and Conservation OPEN
Serpent Snake TAG OPEN
Sharksc Steering/Editorial Committee - No Longer Active
Shorebirds Charadriiformes TAG OPEN
sinensis Chinese Alligator SSP
Smallcathusbcourse Small Cat Husbandry Course CLOSED
Snaketagirs for Snake TAG IRs - OPEN for IRs ONLY
Snowleopardir Snow leopard institutional reps CLOSED
Snowleopardsc Snow leopard SSP steering committee CLOSED
Snowleopardssp Snow leopard SSP managers & keepers OPEN
Socialmedia Social media use discussion list (ie: Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, etc)
Spidermonkey Spider Monkey IR CLOSED
Spidermonkeymg Spider monkey management
Spmag Small Population Management Advisory Group CLOSED
Sponsorships Sponsorships CLOSED
SSIExec SSI Executive Committee
SSIG Sahelo-Saharan Interest Group CLOSED
Ssp SSP Coordinators CLOSED
StaffSAFE [no description available]
Stripedpossums Striped possums OPEN
Studbook Studbook Keepers CLOSED
Studentmembers No Longer Active
Tamandua OPEN
Tammar-wallaby-pmp Tammar Wallaby PMP
Tanager Tanager List OPEN
Tapirtag Tapir TAG CLOSED
Taze TAZE (Texas Zoo & Aquarium Educators) CLOSED
Tbpgroup Thick Billed Parrot Group CLOSED
Temporaryethics Temporary Ethics CLOSED
Texaszoosaquariums [no description available]
Thelek Attwater's Prairie Chicken Program CLOSED
Thlcc Texas Horned Lizard Conservation Coalition. CLOSED
Titag Terrestrial Invertebrates TAG CLOSED
Titagnews OPEN. Titag News
Titagsc TITAG Steering Committee CLOSED
Tk-ssp Tree Kangaroo SSP Management Group CLOSED
Tnec The National Elephant Center Advisory Board CLOSED
Toucans Toucans CLOSED
Training Operant Conditioning OPEN
Treeroo Tree Kangaroo SSP Discussion Group OPEN
Trends Information Trends Committee Discussion Group CLOSED
Turacotagir Turaco TAG IRs CLOSED
Unicolor Aruba Island Rattlesnake CLOSED
Vaquita Vaquita Conservation Working Group
Vcap Venezuela CAP Members and Advisors CLOSED
Vetadvisors Veterinary Advisors CLOSED
VisitorExperience visitor experience education programming OPEN
VMC Volunteer Management Committee CLOSED
Volunteer Volunteer Administration CLOSED
Walrusmg Walrus Management Group CLOSED
Waterfowl Waterfowl OPEN
Waterfowlir Closed
Waterfowlmgmt [no description available]
Waterfowlsc Waterfowl Steering Committee CLOSED
Waterfowlwg No Longer Active
Waterquality Discussion Group for Water Quality Issues CLOSED
Wcmc Wildlife Conservation Management Committee CLOSED
Webop Web Opportunity Meeting CLOSED
Whitestork White Stork PMP IRs CLOSED
Wildaruba Wild Aruba Conference Steering Committee CLOSED
Wiwd West Indian Whistling Duck CLOSED
Wncsspirs White-naped Crane SSP IRs CLOSED
Wpondturtle Western Pond Turtle - CLOSED
Wppagirs Pig Tag CLOSED
Wpph-sc Wild Pigs Peccaries and Hippos Steering Comm. CLOSED
Wptcwg Western Pond Turtle Cooperative Working Group CLOSED
Wwdssp White-Winged Wood Duck SSP OPEN
Wytoad Wyoming Toad CLOSED
Yof Year of the Frog Task Force CLOSED
Zacc Zoos & Aquariums Committing to Conservation Conference CLOSED
Zcog [no description available]
Zcogbod ZCOG Board of Directors CLOSED
Zeteki Panamanian Golden Frog SSP IR CLOSED
ZooEvents Information on zoo events OPEN
ZooMastPlan Zoo Master Planning OPEN

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